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Second Great Awakening

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Q: Peter Cartwright and Charles Grandison Finney were leaders of?
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When was Charles Grandison Finney born?

Charles Grandison Finney was born on 1792-08-29.

Who where the founders of the 2 great awakening?

charles grandison finney, Lyman Beecher, barton Stone, Peter Cartwright.

What did Charles Grandison Finney advocate?

the Second Great Awakening (:

Influential evangelical revivalist of the second great awakening?

Charles Grandison Finney

What did charles grandison finney advocaed?

Evangelist Charles Grandison Finney strongly defended abolition of slavery and equal education for women and African Americans. Finney taught at Oberlin College in Ohio, which accepted both men and women, and students of all races.

What evangelist that preached a prolonged revival in the burned-over-district of New York?

Charles Grandison Finney

What is Evangelist Charles Grandison Finney's success depended upon?

Emotional release through personal testimony of salvation.

Who was the most effective preacher of the Second Great Awakening?

George Whitefield was the well-known preacher during the First Great Awakening.

Who was Charles G. Finney?

Charles Grandison Finney, ws the most famous preacher of the Second Great Awakening movemen. he converted when he was 29. he based his preaching on the depth of his convertion experience. he rejected the Calvanist teaching. year 1790

What has the author William Cox Cochran written?

William Cox Cochran has written: 'Charles Grandison Finney' -- subject(s): Accessible book

Who was Charles finney?

Who was Charles Finney?

When was Charles G. Finney born?

Charles G. Finney was born on 1905-12-01.