Peter and jane Jefferson

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Peter and jane Jefferson
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Where did Jane Randolph Jefferson and Peter Jefferson work at?

Peter Jefferson was a surveyor. I am guessing about his wife, Jane Randolph, but I suggest she was a housewife.

What was Thomas Jeffersons parents names?

Thomas Jefferson's parents' names were Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph Jefferson.

Who is Thomas Jeffersons parents?

President Thomas Jefferson's father was named Peter Jefferson. Peter Jefferson was born February 29th 1707 in Chesterfield, Virginia. Peter died 17 Aug 1757 in Shadwell Estate, Goochland, VA, at 49 years of age. Thomas Jefferson's ancestors, as far back as I can find (1602), were all born in Virgina. The females of Jefferson's ancestry tree are not well documented.

Thomas Jefferson's parents?

Peter and Jane Randolph Jefferson

Who are Thomas Jeffeson parents?

Jane Randolph Jefferson and Peter Jefferson

Who is Jefferson parents?

Thomas Jefferson's parents were Peter and Jane (nee Randolph) Jefferson.

What was Thomas Jefferson's mom and dad's names?

Thomas Jefferson's father's (who was a planter/surveyor) name was Peter Jefferson. His mother was called Jane Randolph (known after marriage as Jane Randolph Jefferson).

What is Thomas Jefferson the father of?

Peter Jefferson was his father's name and his mother's is name is Jane

What is the name of Thomas Jefferson's father?

Peter Jefferson was his father's name and his mother's is name is Jane

When did thomas's parents die?

Thomas Jefferson's mother, Jane Jefferson died on March 31, 1776. His father, Peter Jefferson died August 17, 1757. Thomas was one of 10 children born to Peter and Jane.

How long did Tomas Jefferson's parents live?

Peter Jefferson died at age 49 and Jane Randolph Jefferson was 56.

How many children did peter Jefferson have?

Peter Jefferson had 10 children from 1740-1755. They were Jane, Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth, Martha, Peter Field, Peter Thomas, Lucy, Anna Scott, and Randolph.