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Taxation without representation

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Q: Philosophical motivation of the colonist in the AMerican Revolution?
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Who did the colonist fight against the American revolution?

The English.

What was an advantage of the colonist in the American Revolution?

Diverse Geography

Where did most American Colonist come from before the Revolution?

from asai

Who did the colonist start the American Revolution against?

The United Kingdom.

What were the 3 things the colonist were fighting in the American Revolution?


What was the reason the british attempted to tax colonist that would lead to the American revolution?

Glorious Revolution

What if the colonist had lost the American Revolution?

Britain was going to take over

In the American Revolution France gave money and military support to the .?


What European nation supported the American colonist in their revolution?


Why were colonist happy after the Revolutionary War?

The colonist were happy because they won the American Revolution securing their freedom from Britain.

Was the American Revolution viewed as a revolution?

Because the colonist were rebelling against Great Britain's tyrannous rule.

What name was given to American colonist who sided with Great Britain during the American Revolution?