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Q: Philosophy is not considered science because it lacks what?
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What are crisis prone families?

A family that believes it lacks or actually lacks control over the outside environment

How many were auctioned off when farmers?

Your question lacks a subject for us to answer. I can only guess you are asking about dust bowl farms auctioned off. The answer is thousands and most were from bank foreclosures.

Why do countries with a multiparty system often have coalition government?

When a democratic state lacks a political party with a clear majority, it is impossible to create legislation without forming a coalition of parties to create an absolute majority. Without consensus, nothing occurs which causes discord and conflict between the parties and the general population.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Hobbes social contract?

here are 6 weakness's 1)Psychoanalytic jargon serves to confuse rather than clarify concepts. 2)Some of the ideas (male genitalia envy, Oedipus) are outdated in terms of our contemporary world, and it is questioned by some theorists/practitioners whether these concepts are clinically useful. 3) The approach lacks a theory of intervention—not enough focus on technique. 4)The exclusive focus on the past can lead to "analysis paralysis" 5)The theory only provides a piece of the pie—often neglecting biological, cultural, and social considerations 6)Too many patients (perhaps psychotic, borderline) are not considered appropriate for psychoanalysis.

How is weak and a strong government different?

A weak government typically has limited powers and lacks control over its citizens and institutions. It may struggle to enforce laws and maintain stability. Conversely, a strong government has extensive powers and authority to govern its citizens effectively, enforce laws, and maintain order and stability. It is capable of making and implementing policies efficiently.

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How do you you determine Pseudoscience?

Pseudosceince can not be classified as "science" because it lacks scientific states, can not be tested and lacks all evidence.

Does bhuddism beliieve in god?

Buddhism is usually considered a religion, but is also commonly described as a "spiritual philosophy", because it generally lacks an absolute creator god. The Buddhist approach is empirical and based on experience.

How does pseudosience differ from true science?

Pseudoscience does not follow the scientific method, lacks evidence or plausibility, and lacks scientific status.Pseudo means false or pretending, that means Pseudoscience is false science/ pretending to be science.

What science isn't?

Economics likes to call itself as a science, but lacks the properties needed to make one.

Why is the sponge considered the simplest animal?

because it is not bilaterally simmetrical.

Why is phrenology considered a pseudoscience?

Why is phrenology considered a pseudoscience

Why is glycerin a polar compound?

Glycerin is not a polar compound. It is considered a nonpolar compound because it lacks the ability to produce dipole moments.

What color lacks color?

Black is considered the absence of color

When a person lacks or is indifferent to moral standards he or she is considered to be?


What lacks DNA?

Anything that is not considered to be a living organism. If it was never living (like a rock), then it has no DNA. All living beings have DNA. Viruses however, are not considered living because they do not have DNA.

Living organisms cannot breathe on the moon because it lacks what?

It lacks water and an atmosphere

A jellyfish is an invertebrate because it lacks?