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Separation of Powers

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Q: Plan of government that describes the different parts of the government and their duties and powers?
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The duties and responsibilities of the chairman in local government?

explain the duties,sponsibilities,and powers of the local government chairman

Document that states the powers and duties of a government?


Who assigned congresses duties?

The duties of congress were assigned by the Constitution. Article I one of the Constitution describes the specific powers of congress.

How many pages in the California constitution?

The Constitution of California is the document that establishes and describes the powers, duties, structure and function of the government of California. It contains 110 pages.

What describes powers not specifically listed in the US Constitution but that are necessary in order for the President to fulfill his or her duties?

These are called inherent powers. They are provided for in the Constitution by what is known as the "elastic clause."

What BEST describes the term enumerated powers?

Enumerated powers are specific powers granted to Congress by the Constitution.

Which constitutional principle describes the division of powers among the executive legislative and judicial branch of government?

Separation of Powers

Which term describes the powers that the Constitution does not grant to the National Government and does not at the same time deny to the States?

reserved powers

Which documents state the powers and duties of the us government?

State constitutions.

What are the duties of the IL governor?

He helps make laws.

What best describes implied powers?

they are not given to the federal government and not denied to the states

Which term describes a government that uses its powers in unjust or abusive ways?

An unjust and abusive government can be described as a tyranny.