Politics is more than what politicians do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes,I do agree on the statement because politics is all about the way of developing the country which the politicians do not do.

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Q: Politics is more than what politicians do?
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Why does politics focus in government?

When you get more than two people together there is politics. Government is formed by politicians and political views. It is unavoidable. I know you have had school elections for school offices and even there is politics.

Can you give me a sentence with the word politics?

Politics and Politicians really stink.

What do people dislike about politicians?

1. some politicians are corrupt 2. some politicians are in it for themselves 3. politics involves lots of compromise which looks like cinicism . . . . please help me think of more reasons . . .

How has Twitter affected politics?

Twitter makes it easy for people to contact politicians and for politicians to respond back to potential donors. However sometimes it means that politicians are using Twitter to be popular rather than do the right thing.

Why Politicians are more useful than lawyers?

Because politicians communicate with general people

How do airplanes help politics?

By swiftly transporting the politicians

What Does Politics Do To Help Canada?

Politicians make laws which keep criminals in jail, set taxes, repair the roads, and more.

What were the politics in the US at the end of the Vietnam war?

There was NO FAITH in politicians.

What is the goal of politics and politicians?

to fight for people's well-being

What does the Catholic Church have to do with modern politicians?

Roman Catholic AnswerAh, the Church has nothing to do with modern politicians directly. The Church preaches the natural law at all times and to all people, which, would, of course, include politicians and their politics. And, coincidentally, some politicians are Catholics; but the Church does not involve itself in politics, as such.

In politics who will win?

The politicians and the special interest groups. The people will be the losers.

Why did they have Military interference in politics?

the reason is the politicians suppress the people the are ruling,