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The house of representatives is responsible for all spending measures. However, the house does not work in a vacuum. So bills go to a joint committee of the house and Senate. The executive branch only has popularity to influence congress as well as veto power. The higher the executive branches approval rating the better chance of getting congress to bend. The Answer can be determined by finding who was the speaker of the house

(leads the dominating party to set the house agenda), the majority leader of the senate (leads the dominating party to set the senate agenda, and the joint committee chairmen of the bill that contained the tax cut. Those are the players that passed the tax cuts. It is not one person but a group of people. All these people could have stopped the tax cut but the threat of veto meant that pork barrel and special interest projects would be funded as well. Each party rails against the other but in the end they all compromise to fund special interest projects called earmarks. Each party blames the other yet they are all in collusion.

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This was passed by the Congress. No budgets or tax cuts can be approved without making their way through Congress.

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Q: President George W Bush's 1.2 trillion tax cut over a ten year period was passed by which of these?
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