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Q: President confined to wheelchair
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Can the President be blind deaf or have any physical handicap?

no the president cannot have any physical handicap because he has to be able to do everything around him. your welcome for answering your question. (:I think that you need to relearn history. We had a president in a wheelchair! I'll leave it to anyone who is interested to actually take the time to look up who it was and why he was in the wheelchair. This whole "can't be president if you are disabled" is not only a bunch of hooey but narrow-minded.In the UK, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has only one eye, and there was a UK minister (David Blunkett) who was completely blind and took his guide dog into the Houses of Parliament with him.

What is ehcealrihw unscrambled?


Which statement best describes three key responsibilities of the Confined Space Program Team CSPT?

the CSPT assists commanders and functional managers in identifying, evaluating and classifying all confined spaces; assist with development of MEP's; establish procedures to review all construction projects to identify, record, and classify confined spaces.

What is the politically correct term for a king?

You'd simply call them by their name if you knew them or some other general term Mr. Mrs. Ms. whatever you use for other people. Just because they are in a wheelchair doesn't mean you have to refer to them as "wheelchair person" Or whatever. They are still people.

Who said those who confined government to the constitution were the true friends of the union?

Robert Y. Hayne

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Can the president be unfit?

If you mean the US president, then yes, for instance President Roosevelt was confined to a wheelchair. A president does not have to be as fit as an Olympic athlete to hold office.

How did polio effect Roosevelt being president?

He was not able to stand for a long period of time without support and he was confined to a wheelchair.

What president of the United States is on the mint coin and was disabled?

Franklin D Roosevelt, on the US Dime, 1946 to present. He had polio, and was mostly confined to a wheelchair.

What is the purpose of Braun wheelchair lifts?

The purpose of Braun wheelchair lifts are to allow you to climb staircases if confined to a wheelchair. You can find more information about Braun wheelchair lifts from the official Braun website.

Was president Kennedy in a wheelchair?

No, President Kennedy was not in a wheelchair. He did have some health issues, including chronic back pain, but he was not dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

What sentence can you say disability?

Someone confined to a wheelchair usually has a physical disability.

Who was the Ralph Lauren male model confined to a wheelchair?

It was actor Mitch Longley.

Which President served while being confined in a wheelchair?

Franklin D. Roosevelt, who developed polio in the 1920s.

Is george Clinton now confined to a wheelchair?

] ===Actually I was going through London Heathrow last August (2008) and saw him waiting around for a flight, and he was in a wheelchair.

Can a handicapped person be president?

Yes they can, because it doesn't mean that someone who is ill can't be president, people who are ill can do the same as someone who isn't.President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was in a wheelchair because he had polio, and he couldn't walk, so technically he was handicap.

Did you ever have a handicap president?

Yes. America had Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He had polio and could not walk. He was confined to a wheelchair. A significant handicap (usually moral) is an essential pre-requisite for aspirants to the American Presidency.

Is billy ocean confined to a wheelchair?

No, Billy Ocean is not confined to a wheelchair. He is a British singer-songwriter known for his hits in the 1980s like "Caribbean Queen" and "Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car." It seems there may have been a misconception or confusion about his physical abilities.