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the 50 dollar bill

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Q: President grant is on what money?
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How does the legislative branch grant money?

The president sends them a budget and they pass it or they don't. Congress does not grant money.

Which of the following conclusions can be reached based on the information in the reading passagesPresident Grant did not believe a change of currency was an urgent matter?

President Grant did not support the use of paper money as a medium of exchange.

How do I get a money grant?

How do I get a money grant

What president was unable to achieve his political goals because of corruption?

President Grant

how do I apply for grant money?

how do I apply for grant money

In which example corruption under President Grant did the Union Pacific railroad use government money to take money from its own stock?

Credit Mobilier

is there grant money for farming?

is there grant money avalable for farming

What President was nicknamed US?

Ulysses S. Grant was U.S. Grant- not exactly a nickname.

Which president's first two instials were US?

President Grant. Ulysses S. Grant.

Did President Grant own slaves?

No, but General Grant did (before he became President). 3 of them.

What was president Ulysses S. Grant famous for?

Virtually all of Grant's business and farming ventures failed. When he was 39, he had lost virtually all of his money and had to beg his father for a job .

What president had the nickname of lys?