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=James Polk=

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Q: President nicknamed young Hickory
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Why was President James Polk nicknamed Young Hickory?

"Old Hickory " was a nickname of Andrew Jackson. Like Jackson, Polk was from Tennessee and Polk was sort of a protege of Jackson-- Jackson supported Polk.

Who is young Hickory nickname president?

James K Polk

Which president had the nickname of old hickory?

Andrew Jackson was known as "Old Hickory."

Why Franklin Pierce nicknamed young hickory of the granite hill?

This nickname was campaign hype. "Old Hickory" was Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democratic Party that nominated Pierce. The Granite Hills refer to New Hampshire where Pierce lived.

What is James K. Polk best known as?

Young Hickory (after Andrew Jackson who was Old Hickory) and The Dark Horse Candidate.

Who was Young Hickory?

Andrew Jackson is known as Old Hickory.

Who was known as 'Young Hickory'?

James K. Polk actually. Andrew Jackson was "Old Hickory."

What was Martin Van Buren's nickname?

Martin Van Buren (December 1782 to July 1862) was the eighth Vice President and eighth President of the United States. He was called 'Martin Van Ruin' during the depression by political opponents.

What was billie holliday nickname?

Tenor saxophone player, Lester Young. She, in turn, nicknamed him "The President", Pres for short.

Which US president was considered James K. Polk's mentor?

Andrew Jackson (aka Old Hickory) was considered to be Polk's mentor . In fact Polk was sometimes called Young Hickory because of the association.

Why was Franklin Pierce's nickname young hickory?

He was given this nickname in honor of Andrew Jackson, who was known as Old Hickory. The full nickname was Young Hickory of the Granite Hills, which is where he lived. He was a member of Jackson's party and was young. Other than that, the name was mostly a campaign slogan.

What is James Polk nickname?

Young Hickory was his nickname.