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both parties for the first time widely campainged among all eligible voters

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Q: Presidential Election or 1840 - why was it considered the first modern election?
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Which third party candidate received the most popular votes in modern day history for a presidential election and made a large impact on overall election?

Teddy Roosevelt

Why is the Electoral College considered an indirect election?

The electoral college is not an election. The U. S. Presidential and Vice Presidential elections are indirect elections because the public does not elect them directly, but the public elects the people who elect them. Examples of direct elections are elections for U. S. Representatives and modern elections for U. S. Senators.

Where was the Republican Party born?

The modern republican party was formed for the 1860 election. Abraham Lincoln was their first presidential candidate. Their main platform was to stop the expansion of slavery to 'The West'

When are votes counted?

With the modern use of electronic voting systems, the production and release of which was expedited after the U.S. presidential election of 2000, a running total is maintained in each precinct. In my state, all of the voting booths are connected to a box called a Judge's Booth Controller (JBC), which is taken to an election substation after the polls close. I think it is at that time that that precinct's votes are uploaded into the system.

Which president won election with 271 electoral votes?

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney received 271 electoral votes in 2000 after their win in Florida in the closest election in modern history.

Why was it important to have a peaceful election in 1800 that followed the rules set out in the Constitution?

It was important to have a peaceful election because the election of 1800 marked the first time there was to be a transition of power, and the two opposing sides had waged a bitter battle. America was the first new nation, and the first democracy in modern times, so it was important the election went well.

What was the name of Jackson's political party?

His beliefs were in line with Jeffersonian-Republicans, in the election of 1824 he was considered a Democratic-Republican, by the 1828 election he dropped Republican and became the first president of the Democratic party. Don't confuse his Democratic party with the modern Democratic party. The names/party is the same, but ideas on the role of government are different.

What were the reasons the electoral college was made?

In 1789 when the constitution was written there was no popular election of the president. It was all done by Congress. The electoral college is a method to control the election and not only have the popularity of a candidate win. We have lost the reasoning behind this in the modern history of elections.

Which characteristic of many modern systems of government was borrowed from the Roman Republic?

ITS B. TRUST ME ITS B. i got it wrong and it showed the correct answer

What party won the election in 1820?

All though party strength was difficult to judge and not properly recorded prior to the general election of 1830 (only 56% of MPs in 1820 belonged firmly to a party group), the UK general election of 1820 resulted in a working majority for the Tory Party - the spiritual precursor to the modern Conservative Party.

How did the log cabin campaign help Harrison win the election?

The election of 1840 was fueled by slogans, songs, and alcohol, and that year's race is generally considered to be the precursor of the modern presidential campaign. Talk of log cabins and hard cider and an obscure battle from decades earlier culminated in a landslide and brought an aging and sickly politician, William Henry Harrison into the Presidency.:D Hope That Helps!!Your Friends that are going to help you cheat in life...Wiki Answers!!GO LOOK IN YOU BOOK YOU LAZY PERSON!! IT IS EASIER THAN SEARCHIG IT!! YOUR LUCKY I POSTED THIS!! NEXT TIME LOOK IT UP!

How did the early colonies contribute to the principles of modern american government?

Early colonies contributed to the principles of modern American government through self government and the election of their local leaders.