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the price of weat will decline

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Q: Pretest - Civics and Economics 7. Excellent weather helps wheat farmers yield a record surplus crop. How will the surplus most likely impact the price of wheat?
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How will a record surplus of wheat due to excellent weather conditions most likely impact the price of wheat?

Since all farmers will have a surplus, the market will be flooded and the price of wheat will decline.

What is the explanation for the concept of marginalism in economics?

consumers surplus define

From where do farmers obtain the inputs that they require?

farmers obtain their inputs from the markets with their surplus income.

Where did farmers trade their surplus farm produce?


Why did the nomads become farmers?

to help their surplus and the phaoh

Where did the farmers in the region sell their surplus grain?


What kind of farmers sell their crops if they have a surplus?

smart ones

What was one outcome of price supports for farmers?

Surplus crops

Where did the farmers in middle colonies sell their surplus grain?

In the colonies.

What is a area in the world that have consumer and producers in that area?

In mainstream economics, economic surplus (also known as total welfare or Marshaling surplus (named after Alfred Marshall) refers to two related quantities. Consumer surplus or consumers' surplus is the monetary gain obtained by consumers because they are able to purchase a product for a price that is less than the highest price that they would be willing to pay. Producer surplus or producers' surplus is the amount that producers benefit by selling at a market price that is higher than the least that they would be willing to sell for. In some schools of heterodox economics, the economic surplus denotes the total income which the ruling class derives from its ownership of scarce factors of production, which is either reinvested or spent on consumption. In Marxian economics, the term surplus may also refer to surplus value, surplus product and surplus labour.

Why is it important for farmers of communities to build a surplus?

so they can use it to farm with

What was on result of enclosure practices?

There was a surplus of food, and farmers moved to the city.