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The first Continental Congress created the Continental army and also wrote the Declaration of Independence. The Continental Congress is also responsible for making George Washington the General of the Army.

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Q: Progress made by the First Continental Congress?
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Summarize the progress made by the First Continental Congress and name the important individuals involved?

One significant accomplishment of the First Continental Congress was an agreement made among the colonies to boycott British trade. Some important individuals who were involved were John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, John Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.

When did the first continental congress get established?

it was established in 1775 The second continental congress formed the continental army and made George Washington a general.

What happend in Continental Congress?

they tried to find ways to reason with the british before the American revolution, and after they made the laws

What decisions were made by the First Continental Congress?

One of the Congress major decision was to endorse the Suffolk Resolves.

What decision were made the first continental congress.?

One of the Congress major decision was to endorse the Suffolk Resolves.

What continental congress was called for peace and made preparations for war?

The First Continental Congress originally called for peace. When peace was not possible a declaration of war was issued and a declaration of independence.

What continental congress called made preparations for war?

The second continental congress.

What was resolved at the first Continental Congress in 1774?

- The first Continental Congress in 1774 resolved to organize an economic boycott of British trade. -Realization that drastic changes must be made in their relationship with England.

What was a result of the continental congress?

the continental congress made the articles of declaration in indepandance hall, pa

Who made George Washington the leader of the Continental amry?

George Washington was given command of the Continental Army by the Second Continental Congress.

What were important decisions made at the first and second continental congress?

I think the most important decision was The Declaration of Independence.

Who made uniforms for the Revolutionary War?

the continental congress