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It was the New Jersey Plan that proposed the idea of an unicameral legislature with equal representation. It was ultimately rejected.

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Q: Proposal to create a unicameral legislature with equal representation?
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Did Benjamin Franklin create the three branches of government?

NO he only created two a unicameral legislature and a executive

Why did some leaders that unicameral legislature create a more democratic government?

the members of the single house are elected by the people

Was the great compromise unicameral or bicameral?

Question Did the Great Compromise create a unicameral or bicameral Congress?

How many houses does the legislative branch have in the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation did not create a legislative branch with multiple houses. Instead, it established a unicameral legislature where each state had an equal vote, regardless of size or population.

Why did the founding fathers create the two house legislature?

They wanted the state to have representation as well as the people. Therefore the Senate is to represent the states, and the House of Representatives to represent districts of people. Also, to avoid the concentration of power.

Why was the Virginia Plan so helpful for populated states?

the strengths of the Virginia plan was to create a 3-branch legislature consisting of a two-chamber, bicameral legislature, a powerful executive branch and a judicial branch. The Virginia plan did not give equal representation to all states. It benefited the southern states for protecting slavery. This plan practically eliminated the voices of the smaller states by pegging representation in both houses of the congress to population.

What is the purposes of the legislature branch?

create legislation

What is the role of a legislature?

To create new laws.

Can create alter or appeal laws?

A legislature.

Who Create one house legislature?

Ancient Greeks

How the Virginia Plan aim to improve the structure of the national government?

The VA Plan was: "a plan, unsuccessfully proposed at the Constitutional Convention, providing for a legislature of two houses with proportional representation in each house and executive and judicial branches to be chosen by the legislature." This would create a powerful legislature, and one dominated by populous states. The states with lower populations rightfully feared that this would reduce their power to control the laws and operation of the federal government. The plan was applied solely to the lower branch of Congress (the House) and the representation of slave states was settled by the 3/5th Compromise.

How did the Great Compromise create a legislature with representation which respected the population of large states and safe guarded and equalized the small states?

It proposed a bicameral legislative branch. The upper house, the senate, would have two representatives from each state. This satisfied the small states' plea for equal representation in Congress. The lower house, The House of Representatives, would please the large states in the way that state representation in the House was based off population. Larger states had more representation in the House, but representation was equal in the senate.