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It's called a "patent" :)

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Q: Protection of an inventor's idea
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What is the protection of an inventors idea or invention?

Isnt it called a patentPatent

What are inventors and inventions?

Inventors are the people who think up useful stuff that no one has thought of before. They may come up with an idea "as a whole" or may take pieces of this idea and that idea to make something new and unique. Inventions are the things inventors create; they are the product or the application that comes out of an inventor's idea. And history is full of inventors and inventions. There are many, many tens of thousands of them both.

How do patents help inventors?

Patent protection allows inventors to ascribe value to their hard work, and gives them an opportunity to derive an income from it.

How many inventors are in the world?

Very good question. Depending on what is being "invented" will determine the number of inventors. If an idea is considered an invention, then there are as many inventors as there are people :) But if if you wondering how many inventors there are concerning the "Slap Chop", there are probably around 4 or 5.

What are laws that protect inventors called?

Patent laws protect inventors from having their ideas or products stolen. To get an idea patent, you can contact a patent attorney in your area.

Why was patent act introduced?

The goal of patent protection is to give inventors and researchers a period of monopoly in which they have a chance of recouping their investment in the invention.

Protection of an authors idea?

A Copyright would protect an authors idea.

What is the possessive form of inventor?

Singular: Inventor's Plural: Inventors'

Do you need heat protection for thick hair?

Yes, heat protection is a good idea for all hair types.

When you register your original idea or concept with the govnment for legal protection that idea or concept becomes your?

Twerk Team

When you register your original idea or concept with the government for legal protection that idea or concept becomes your?

the answer is i, intellectual property

Who were the inventors in industral revolution and what are their stories?

the inventors and their stories