Protector of the slavs

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is the term used to protect the roman people.

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Q: Protector of the slavs
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What nation saw itself as the protector of the Slavs and opposed the Austro-Hungarian rulers in the Balkans?


Who were the Slavs of russia?

The people in russia I guess?

Where did the Slavs settled?

the Slavs did settle in Belarus and Ukraine.

Which group of slavs fomed Poland?

The Slavs

Where did the slavs first live in Europe?

Slavs originate from Eastern Europe.

What jobs did slavs do when they were slavs?

Slavs are Moslty Barbaric People and They Only Make Savages for Killing and Assimilating Peoples

What is the difference between slavs and Russians?

Slavs are an ethnic group that encompasses various Eastern European nationalities, including Russians. Russians specifically refer to people from the country of Russia. So, all Russians are Slavs, but not all Slavs are Russian.

Which continents do Slavs live on?

Answer: Slavs live on the European and Asian continents.

What languages are spoken by Slavs?

Slavs speak Slavic languages, including:RussianUkrainianBelarusianCzechSlovakBulgarianPolishSlovenianSerbianCroatianBosnianMontenegrinMacedonianRusynPomeranianKashubianSorbianChurch Slavonic

Who are the apostles to the Slavs?

The Apostles to the Slavs are Byzantine missionaries were the brothers Cyril and Methodius.

Who were the ancient people who settled in all of Eastern Europe?

The Slavs

What ethnic groups are in the Russian Federation?

Ethnic Russians (Slavs), Ukrainians (Slavs), Belarusians (Slavs), Mongols, Turks, Kazakhs, Koreans, Yakuts and some indegenous people.