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public policy is formally established by which group ?

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Q: Public Policy is established by which group?
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Public policy is formally established by what group?

federal, state, or local government

Which is the main concern of an interest group as compared to a political group?

To shape public policy

What is meant by public policy?

The term public policy is a vague expression. however if any agreements conflicts with the morals of the time and contravenes ant established social, economic, and political interests of the society it is void as being against public policy.

When an interest group contacts a public official and tries to influence public policy, it is engaged in?


What does pluralists see public policy as?

resulting from competing group interactions

An organization that tries to influence public policy?

interest group

Is any organization that seeks to influence public policy is an interest group?


The theory that argues that group competition results in a rough approximation of the public interest in public policy is?

Pluralist Theory

An interest group is best defined as an organization?

that tries to influence public policy for a group of people with common interests

Public policy is formally established by which group?

In the US, the legislature formally establishes laws. The President establishes foreign policy, and matters of trade. The Supreme Court establishes legal policy in the form of precedent and common law. So, each branch, the Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial, each have some hand in establishing some form of formal policy.

What is the formal group of presidential foreign policy advisers established in 1947 called?

National security Council

What is latent interest?

Public-policy interests that are not recognized or addressed by a group at a particular time.