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Q: Reached America by sailing west from Europe?
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How could explorers sailing west from Europe have reached Asia?


Who thought they reached Asia by sailing west?

maybe everybody

Columbus thought that Asia could be reached by sailing .?


Continent that columbus hoped to reach by sailing west from europe?

Columbus hoped to reach America by sailing west from Europe. After carrying out a brief fact finding tour in America, he arranged a second voyage back.

Where was Columbus trying to reach by sailing west?

Columbus was trying to reach Asia by sailing west in order to establish a direct trade route for valuable goods such as spices and silks. He believed he could reach Asia by sailing westward instead of the traditional eastward route, which was blocked by the Ottoman Empire.

Sailing from Spain which continent would you reach?

It depends where in Spain you are sailing from and which direction you are sailing in. The answer can be either Africa (due south from mainland Spain), Europe (due north from Ceuta or Melilla), North America (due west from mainland Spain - specifically Galicia), or South America (southwest from mainland Spain).

Who reached the Caribbean because he felt he could reach east by sailing west?

That was Christopher Columbus.

When did Titanic leave Europe for America?

Titanic sailed from Ireland early in the day on April 11th,1912, heading west towards New York City.

In 1492 Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean moving west from what country?

sailing west from Europe

What European who proved that it was possible to reach Asia by sailing west from Europe?


Navigator who wanted to reach Asia by sailing west from Europe?

Christopher Columbus

Which contintent sailing northwest of Africa what continent you see first?

Africa is a massive continent, so it would depend on where exactly you were starting your journey from. If sailing from the north coast, you would come to Europe. Sailing from parts of the west of Africa, it would be North America that you would come to first.