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Q: Referring to the average length of time modern justices sit on the Supreme Court one law professor stated that Serving 25 years or more is too long in a democracy. What do you think he meant by that?
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How many supreme Court Justices are they today?

I think there are 9 people 2 woman and 7 men.

Are there 5 justices serving on the Supreme Court?

There are seven justices on some state supreme courts, but the Supreme Court of the United States seats nine justices.

How many justices does Ohio have on the supreme court?

The court has seven members, a Chief Justice and six Justices, each serving six-year terms.

What are the names of the currently serving justices who heard the arguments regarding the constitutionality of the healthcare plan?

justice Hudson

How many judges are on the Supreme?

The court has seven members, a Chief Justice and six Justices, each serving six-year terms.

What was one reason city-states turned to democracy?

Rule by the aristocratic oligarchs was ruthless and self-serving. Democracy gave them the voice in government and decision-making.

What was Pope Benedict's first parish?

If you are referring to Pope Benedict XVI, he was never a parish priest as he spent most of his career as a professor of theology. After a long career as an academic, serving as a professor of theology at several German universities he was appointed Archbishop of Munich and Freising and cardinal by Pope Paul VI in 1977, an unusual promotion for someone with little to no pastoral experience.

How many are currently serving as justices on the supreme court in the US in 2011?

Except when there is a vacancy, there are always ninejustices on the U. S. Supreme Court.

How many judges are on the supreme courts?

The court has seven members, a Chief Justice and six Justices, each serving six-year terms.

What are the qualifications for the justices?

Justices of the Supreme Court must be nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. There are no specific qualifications outlined in the U.S. Constitution, but typically justices have legal experience, such as serving as a judge or practicing law. The most important qualifications are a deep understanding of the law, a commitment to impartiality, and a dedication to upholding the Constitution.

What do you get for serving all the people tea in Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

a secret unlocks in the bonus room

How are the justices of state supreme courts elected?

The method of electing justices to state supreme courts can vary depending on the state. In some states, justices are elected through partisan elections, where they appear on the ballot affiliated with a specific political party. In other states, justices may be selected through non-partisan elections, where their political affiliation is not listed on the ballot. There are also states where justices are appointed by the governor or selected through a merit-based appointment process.