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There are many roads that head south out of Nashville. Popular highways include highway 65, 41, 24, and highway 155.

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Q: Road heading south from Nashville
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What is the road heading south from nashville in the era of good feelings?

Natchez (:

What is the road that headed south from Nashville in the 1800's?

I think the Colombia Pike was one.

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What road headed south from Nashville in 1800's?

There were many but the most "famous" is probably Natchez Trace running from Nashville to Natchez, Miss. Otherwise, Highway 31 originally began as a buffalo migration path, running north to south.

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national road

How many road miles between Charlotte and Nashville?

The distance between Charlotte NC and Nashville is about 408 road miles.

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What is the road miles from Nashville TN to Cocoa Beach FL?

The distance is 180 road miles from Nashville TN to Cocoa Beach FL.

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