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more self-sufficient.

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Q: Salutary neglect made the colonies do what?
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What was the british policy refusing british laws in America colonies?

Salutary neglect

For many years Britain did not enforce british laws in the American colonies what is name of that policy?

Salutary neglect

British policy of leaving the colonies alone?

salutary neglect

What did th Salutary neglect allowed the colonies to do?

trade with France

Did the british allow for self rule in the colonies?

salutary neglect

What was the term for the neglect of the 13 colonies by the king because of European and domestic distractions?

Salutary Neglect

How did salutary affect government in the English colonies?

The British policy of salutary neglect toward the American colonies inadvertently contributed to the American Revolution. This was because during the period of salutary neglect, when the British government wasn't enforcing its laws in the colonies, the colonists became accustomed to governing themselves.

Who is salutary neglect?

the british policy of leaving the American colonies alone

Which resulted from salutary neglect?

The colonies developed a merchant marine industry.

What did the colonies do because of the Salutary Neglect?

Salutary neglect was the British policy of not enforcing parliamentary laws on the American Colonies.Basically, it made the American colonies feel more independent and become more used to this feeling of independence. They had their own legislatures, created their own laws, and met minimal British oversight.

How do you use salutary neglect in a sentence?

Salutary neglect was a policy by the British government towards its American colonies, allowing them to govern themselves with little interference. An example sentence could be: "The policy of salutary neglect led to increased autonomy and prosperity in the American colonies before tensions arose leading to the Revolutionary War."

How can use the word salutary neglect in a sentence?

For a while, Britain did not enforce all its laws in the American colonies, hoping this policy of salutary neglect would avoid conflict.