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In April of 1775, the British military governor of Massachusetts, General Thomas Gage, issued non-written orders to British troops stationed in Boston to march in force to the town of Concord and arrest Samuel Adams and John Hancock, among others. These men were known to be leaders of the growing rebellion movement in the Colonies and were rumored to be hiding out in the area of Concord. Written orders specified uncovering and destroying arms also rumored to be hidden in Concord.

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Q: Samuel Adams and this man were to be arrested by the British in lexington?
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What patriot leader that avoided capture by the British at Lexington?

samuel adams

Why did they want to arrest Samuel Adams and john Hancock?

Samuel Adams and John Hancock had went to Lexington to escape from being arrested

Who was in Lexington and why did the British want to capture them?

Samuel Adams and John Hancock were there and the British were moving to Concord to get to the ammunition supply.

Why did British soldiers attack at Lexington and concord?

The British troops moved on Lexington and Concord in an attempt to seize a reported arms cache, and to attempt the capture of John Hancock and Samuel Adams.

Which two men were most wanted by the British royal authorities during the Battles of Lexington and Concord?

Samuel Adams and john hancock.

Who were the leader in battle of Lexington and concored?

The leaders were Samuel Adams

Who was arrested with Samuel Adams?

John Hancock :-)

What colonial actions led to the battle of lexington?

The colonial army was gathering arms and gunpowder. The British also wanted to arrest Samuel Adams.

Why did the British troops march into Lexington and concord?

They were hoping to capture arms and ammunition that the colonists had stashed in Concord and to also arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams

Who was one of the two Americans hiding in Lexington?

john Hancock and Samuel Adams

Who formed the Committee of Correspondence?

Samuel Adams cretated the committee of correspondence so the colonists can get inform of the british actions.

What were the British planning to do in Lexington and concord?

Their objectives were: -destroy the military depot the Continental Congress had established in Concord; - capture the rebel leaders Samuel Adams and John Hancock.