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Scandinavia is a historical and geographical region centered on the Scandinavian peninsula of Northern Europe. Mainly, Scandinavia is defined as the three kingdoms that historically shared the Scandinavian Peninsula. They are represented by the countries of:

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Look in the top middle of Europe. A little more to the right actually but Denmark is also part of Scandinavia so yeah north middle... :D

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Q: Scandinavia is located where?
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Where is the Scandinavia Public Library in Scandinavia located?

The address of the Scandinavia Public Library is: 349 N. Main St., Scandinavia, 54977 0157

The Arabian Peninsula is located in Scandinavia?


Where is the Scandinavia peninsula located?

Northern Europe.

Where is the country denmak located?

Denmark is located in Northern Europe, Scandinavia.

What region is Scandinavia located in?

Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe. It primarily consists of the countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Finland and Iceland are sometimes also considered part of Scandinavia.

Where in Scandinavia was territory lost by Germany located?


Which region of Europe is located in the Arctic Circle?

Northern Scandinavia.

What country is located across the Gulf of Bothnia from Scandinavia?


What countries is tundra biome located in?

Canada, Russia and Scandinavia

Where are vickings from?

The vikings came from the countries we now know as Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These areas are located in Scandinavia. Scandinavia is in the northern part of Europe.

Which part of European is Sweden located?

northern europe AKA scandinavia

What country is located in the Scandinavia peninsula?

Norway and Sweden, and part of Finland.