Sentence for enact

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The word enact is a verb. A sentence using enact: The NRA is concerned the government will enact a new gun control law.

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Q: Sentence for enact
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How do you use enact in sentence?

Enact- to make into a law.

Use enact in a sentence?

Let's try to enact this law today.

What is a sentence using the word enact?

The local townfolks try to enact their own laws.

What is a good sentence with the word enact in it?

the law was enacted.

What part of speech is enact?

The word enact is a verb. The past tense is enacted.

What is enacting?

Enacting is the present participle of the word enact. Enact means to create a bill or law. Enact can also mean to act something out, such as in a play.

How do you use enact in a sentence?

Congress will enact the new law next week.Editor's remarks: That statement is correct but it does not show you what enact means within the context of the sentence. See if this clears it up for you:A bill was introduced by the House of Representatives and approved. The bill went to the Senate where they voted to approve the bill. The President did not veto it. So the Congress will enact the law next week.Here is another example: The PTA voted to start up a new literacy program at their school since they had students with very low reading scores. They formed six groups of parents and teachers who would work with all the children who could not read well due to having another language as their primary language, learning disabilities or inabilities to learn in the classroom. They will enact this program at the start of the next month.the principal has enacted the new rule in the school.

What is enact as a noun?


What is the antonym of repeal?


Why was there a need for the Americans to enact laws in order to suppress the nationalisticfervor of the Filipinos?

Enact WHAT laws? Give example please.

When was the law Citizens United enacted?

Citizens United didn’t enact a law. Only congress can enact a law.

To achieve its goals what must a government enact?

The government must enact laws to achieve its goals.