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Q: Should women still be considered second class citizens?
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When was Second Class Citizens created?

Second Class Citizens was created in 2013-01.

Why do you think some Egyptian's objected the idea of being ruled by a woman?

Women had no rights and were considered second class citizens.

Were middle ages women second class citizens?

women were second class because men had made all these rules

How parliament viewed the colonies?

Viewed them as second class citizens.

Describe why 19th century women considered themselves as second class citizens?

Thousands of years of history have told women that they are second class. The right to vote, to own property, to own land, businesses, and to attend institutes of higher education have been denied women. Even in recent history women have been treated as second class to a husband or father. Not all women have considered themselves second class and have fought the label and treatment that comes with it.

Why were merchants considered lower class citizens in feudal Japan?

Merchants in feudal Japan were considered lower class citizens because their item(s) wasn't made by them, they were made by someone else.

How did the French treat the people of Indochina?

Often, as second class citizens.

What are the release dates for Mr- Citizen - 1955 Second Class Citizens 1-3?

Mr- Citizen - 1955 Second Class Citizens 1-3 was released on: USA: 5 May 1955

According to King what must America eliminate to remain a first-class nation?

Second-class citizens

Because the voices of regarded women as second-class citizens?


Which ethnic group is regarded as second class citizens by some Bulgarias?


The irony role of the buffalo soldiers?

The Buffalo Soldiers, who were African American and did not have full civil rights and who were treated as second class citizens, were used to fight Native Americans, who did not have full civil rights and were treated as second class citizens.