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a special session of the legislature can only be called for by the

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Q: Special sessions of the legislature can only be called by the?
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How long is a special session of the Texas Legislature?

A special session may be called by the Governor. It can last up to a maximum of 30 days. It is only limited to the purpose of the special session, they do not discuss general items but rather specifically what the Governor has called the special session for. There is no maximum on how many special session may be called, only a day limit for each one.

Who sets the agenda for a Called Session of the Texas legislature?

This would a special session which can only be called by the Govenor of Texas. The Governor also sets the agenda in a special session.

Why have is special sessions lost their importance?

Only the president can call congress into special session. Only 26 special sessions have been held,the last one was in 1948. The president can call congress or each of its houses. The senate has been called into special session 46 occasions last was 1933.

Who can only call a special session of the legislature?

the governor

When was the most recent special session of Congress?

Only 26 special sessions of Congress have ever been held. President Harry Truman called the most recent one in 1948, to consider anti-inflation and welfare measures in the aftermath of WWII.

Which is the only state with a one-house legislature?

A one house legislature is called a unicameral legislature. The State of Nebraska is currently the only state that has such a legislature. Guam and the Virgin Islands also have unicameral legislatures.

What is the practice of having only one chamber in a legislature or a parliament?

A parliament with only one house is called unicameral.

What state is the only one to have a unciameral legislature?

Nebraska is the only US state with a unicameral legislature.

When do you capitalize legislature?

Only if it is a specific legislature like "Nevada Legislature" or "Minnesota Legislature" .etc

How many sessions are done daily in Latter Day Saint temples worldwide?

It all depends on the day. Some temples are open Monday through Saturday and some are open only one or two days a week. Some offer sessions every 20 minutes from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., and others have only a couple sessions a week. Most Temples also offer special sessions in various languages or for large groups. Not including any special sessions, approximately 1400 endowment sessions are performed each day in LDS temples worldwide, each with anywhere from 10-100 participants (average is probably about 20-30 participants). (according to the May 2012 temple schedules) The Jordan River and Provo Utah temples hold the most sessions. Jordan River offers 48 sessions a day and Provo offers 43.

Do most states of the US have a unicameral legislature?

No, only Nebraska has a Unicameral legislature.

What is the legislative branch at state level?

Depends on the state. In most states there is a bicameral legislature. The names of the two houses vary state to state (usually a Senate and Assembly or House of Delegates). Nebraska is the only state with a single house in its legislature (simply called the 'Legislature'.)