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Prudential reasons are:-

i.) Helps to reduce tensions & conflicts.

ii.)Brings peace & stability in the country.

Moral reasons are:-

i.) Citizens have stake in governance.

ii.)It upholds the spirit of democracy.

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Q: State prudential reasons and moral reasons power of sharing?
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Was moral diplomacy effective?

The idea of moral diplomacy is for the United States to stay out of the affairs of other nations and only offer support to countries deemed to have good moral values. The concept was not effective because most often,Êthe United States interferes for economical reasons.

Why did prohibition take so long to end?

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What is the difference between prudential and moral reasons for power sharing?

Prudential reason stress that power sharing will bring out better outcomes, whereas moral reasons emphasis the very act of power sharing as valuable.

State one prudential reason and one moral reason for power sharing from the Indian Context?

Prudential reason: Power sharing in India promotes stability and mitigates the risks associated with deep-seated diversity by ensuring that multiple groups have a stake in the decision-making process, thus reducing the likelihood of conflicts and promoting overall peace and social cohesion. Moral reason: Power sharing in India aligns with the principles of fairness, equality, and justice by giving voice and representation to all segments of society, particularly marginalized groups such as minorities or historically disadvantaged communities. This fosters a more inclusive and participatory democracy that upholds the dignity and rights of all citizens.

State one prudential reason and one moral reason for power sharing with an example from the Indian context?

Prudential reason: India is a multicultural society. Moral reason: India is a democratic country. (from evergreen book)

Difference between power shairing of belgium and srilanka?

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Why did the Anti-Imperialists League oppose interventionsm?

They opposed intervention for moral and practical reasons.

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The reasons usually given are pity and sympathy - not moral or religious reasons.

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Beverley Howden has written: 'Caring and sharing' -- subject(s): Moral education (Elementary), Moral development

Why did anti imperialists league oppose intervention in cuba?

For moral and practical reasons.

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The moral and political reasons that the animals give numskull for stopping the slaughter is conservation of the environment.

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Why did anti imperialists league oppose interventionism?

For moral and practical reasons