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political science

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Q: Studies relating to the history of the principles organization and operational manner of government are part of which branch of the sciences?
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What is political transformation?

political means of or relating to the government or the public affairs of a country. transformation means a thorough or dramatic change relating to the government or the public affairs of a country.

What is different between politics and administration?

Politics are a) the art and science of the government, or public affairs as involving authority and government; b) a particular set of ideas, principles, or commitments in politics or activities concerned with the acquisition or exercise of authority or organizational process or principle affecting authority, status, etc.; or c) the assumptions or principles relating to or inherent in a sphere, theory, or thing, especially when concerned with power and status in society.Administration, on the other hand, is the management of a business or institution or those responsible for administering a business, institution, etc. It can also refer to the government in power, the term of office of a government or political leader, a government agency, the management of another person's estate (in the subject of law), etc.Read more: What_is_the_difference_between_politics_and_administration

Agreeing with the constitution?

Agreeing with the constitution is known as constitutional.

What are some other facts relating to government?

the government is sometimes secretly finding really priceless information like when the world will end, but no one knows much about the government until they are really, in the government. Sometimes, you just need to work things out normally and try your best in your own words. Heres a heads up though, the government is sneaky. Many people work for the government like cops and like judges. The government is one big thing that no one can by pass. But the government does work for the president. So the president is the ruler of us all. :) It was right off the top of me head.

The purpose of the lemon test is to?

...determine the legal extent that government can involve itself in issues relating to religion.