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Robert Morris was the superintendent of finance during the American Revolution.

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Q: Superintendent of finance during American Revolutionary War?
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Who was the Superintendent of Finance in the Revolution?

Robert Morris served as the Superintendent of Finance during the American Revolution. He played a crucial role in managing the finances of the United States during this tumultuous period. Morris implemented policies that helped secure funding for the Continental Army and support the war effort.

During the Revolutionary War James Armistead an African American was what?

During the Revolutionary War, James Armistead, an African American, was a spy.

Superintendent of Finances during the revolutionary war?

Hayim Solomon was instrumental in raising money for the continental army. I did not know what his exact title was.

Who were the Georgians that acted heroically in the American revolutionary war?

Battles that were fought in Georgia during the american revolutionary war

Which three states only had one battle during the American revolutionary war?

Which three each had only one battle during the american revolutionary war.

Who was the the first American to die in the revolutionary war?

Crispus Attucks was the first person killed during the American Revolutionary War. He was killed during the Boston Massacre.

Capital of American colonies during most of the revolutionary war?

The capital of the American colonies during the Revolutionary War was Philadelphia. Philadelphia was chosen because of its location.

an ally to the american during the revolutionary war?


Who was a diplomat to france during the revolutionary war?

Benjamin Franklin served as the American ambassador to France during the Revolutionary War.

Which three states each had only one battle during the American revolutionary war?

Which three each had only one battle during the american revolutionary war.

What did the Americans do during the American revolution?

The Americans fought for thier freedom during the American Revolutionary war.

The British commander at Ft Detroit during the American Revolutionary War?

Captain Richard Lernoult was the commander of the military garrison at the fort and Henry Hamilton was the British Lieutenant Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs and thus was the principle civilian authority at the fort.