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Q: Support the resolution that a state be Immediately put in a posture of defense?
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Could the First Crusade be viewed as self defense?

No. Defensive posture means they were attacked. The crusades invaded the Middle East, not the other way around.

What circumstance led to an American posture in which true neutrality was dead?

the British blockade, which cut off US trade with Germany while supplies still flowed to the Allies

What impact did the depression of 1893 have on America's international posture?

The depression of 1893 encouraged American companies to trade in foreign countries. It also encouraged interest in agricultural systems in foreign countries as well.

How do you say the preamble to the constitution in sign language?

The Preamble in Sign LanguageWE (right thumb pointing to chest) THE PEOPLE (arms outstretched) OF THE UNITED STATES (fingers of both hands interlocked), IN ORDER TO FORM (hands held as though moldling something) A MORE PERFECT UNION (fingers interlocked palm to palm), ESTABLISH (outstretched hands pressing down) JUSTICE (turn hands over and simulate balancing of scales) INSURE (cover left thumb with right hand as protection) DOMESTIC TRANQUILITY (folded hands to cheek simulating sleep), PROVIDE (open hands pushing outward as though offering something) FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE (fists doubled in posture of defense)PROMOTE THE GENERAL (miilitary salute) WELFARE (hand over heart), AND SECURE (right hand grasping in air) THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY (right arm high in a Statue of Liberty pose) FOR OURSELVES (hand on chest) AND OUR POSTERITY (lift right hand stairstep fashion to indictae different heights), DO ORDAIN (laying on of hands) AND ESTABLISH (outstretched hands pressing down) THE CONSTITUTION (simulate unrolling a scroll) FOR THE UNITED STATES (fingers of both hands interlocked) OF AMERICA (arms outstretched simulating an eagle in flight). Okay I don't have the actual signs but that is how you do it you just follow what it says in parenthesis you will do it GREAT!!!!!

How does gymnastics effect you?

gymnastics includes many forms of exercise ranging from the simple stuff like a forward roll to the olympic stuff there are many benefits that go along with any exercise benefits of gymnastics- -co-ordination(mind to body, multiple muscle co-ordination,creating mind awareness to what to do when to fall...) -flexibilty and good posture -knowing how to move your body the way you want it to -realising that even you can do stuff which you never thought you could do (after a bit of practice) the other benefits can only be realised once you actually do it

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Because of the numerous sanctions that may be applied to defense attorney's they are forced to take what kind of posture?


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Could the First Crusade be viewed as self defense?

No. Defensive posture means they were attacked. The crusades invaded the Middle East, not the other way around.

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