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Q: Suppose a country saw a new leader rise to power after a political revolution. The new leader focused strongly on building military power and controlling the lives of citizens. Secret police were used?
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What is nation building?

Nation-building is a process of uniting the citizens of a country to create a national identity through various political and local programs. The objective of nation-building is to establish a stable flow in the economy and political issues.

What is a major obstacle in building stable democracies?

A major obstacle in building stable democracies is lack of trust in political institutions, which can result in low voter turnout, political apathy, and a loss of confidence in the government's ability to address citizens' needs. Additionally, corruption, political polarization, and weak institutional frameworks can also hinder the establishment of stable democracies.

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system?

Active political participation by all citizens is the core of which political system

How did world war impact Russia differently than it did western European countries?

Russia underwent a political revolution in addition to losing citizens during the fighting

What is a sentence for revolution?

The citizens started a revolution when they were unhappy with their government.

What is a private organization of citizens who select and promote political candidates?

Political parties are private organizations of citizens that select and promote political candidates.

What is a direct effect of citizens voting?

political decisions better reflect citizens' desires political leaders better understand with policies citizens support tax money is distributed to reflect citizens' desires

What is Citizens United?

Citizens United is a Political Action Group (PAC).

How can ordinary citizens have an impact on public policy?

political efficacy

How does you use the word municipal in a sentence?

The meeting at the city municipal building started at 7 p.m.The municipal officials refused to hear the citizens.

Which cause-and-effect diagram best illustrates one main effect of informed citizens on the political system?

Citizens think about political issues critically ---> Citizens make informed voting decisions.

What is the difference between a citizen and a non citizen?

Citizens have political rights; non-citizens do not