Sybil ludingtons childhood

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She was born on April 5th, 1761 in Duchess County, New York. At 16, She was the oldest of 12 siblings. Her parents were Abigail and Colonel Henry Ludington. Sybil's Parents wanted her to be more ladylike, though she was much too adventurous. She did kitchen work, baby tending, as well as outdoor chores such as working in the fields and mill.

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Sybil was the eldest of 12 children. She was the daughter of Abigail and Colonel Henry Ludington, and her siblings' names were Rebecca, Anna, Fredrick, Sophia, Tertullus, Derick, Mary, Archibald, and Lewis Ludington. Her parents wanted her to be ladylike, but she was too adventurous so they gave up on that idea. Sorry, that's all I know, hope I helped!

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Q: Sybil ludingtons childhood
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