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Q: System of government in which power is held by a single central agency?
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What is the basic characteristic of a unitary government?

In a unitary government system, the central government holds most, if not all, of the power. Local or regional governments derive authority from the central government and can be created, abolished, or reorganized by it. This system promotes uniform laws and policies across the entire country.

Which form of government has all its political powers held in a single central agency?


Does Portugal have a federal system?

No, it has not. It is run by a single central government.

What is federal system?

Federal system is a dual government system in which nation is divided into different states and single central government .

What is one key difference between unitary and federal governments?

unitary is where all powers are held by a single central agency. Federal has the powers of the government divided by a written constitution between central government and regional.

A unitary government is defined based on what type of classification?

A unitary government is described as a centralized government where all powers belong to a single, central agency. Any administrative divisions exercise only powers that the central government chooses to delegate. Great Britain is a good example.

What is a unitary system?

give main powers to the central government. the non-central government only have the power given to them by the central government. examples: france china

Who controls all power in a unitary government?

A Unitary Government is a government where the power is held by one central authority. This happens a lot in a dictatorship, but some democracies also have them, like Great Britain. Unitary government: a system of government where there is a single system of administration, law, money, and measurement.

What is the name of a government where power is located in a single location?

Unified or central government

A single government agency owns and controls the internet true or false?

Each organization on the Internet is responsible only for maintaining its own network. No single person, company, institution, or government agency controls or owns the Internet.

Which level of government has a responsibility of electricity?

(in the US) No single agency of government controls the outlook and/or distribution of electrical power.

What is the name of a government where power is located in a single location usually the capital?

Unified or central government