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Q: Technology language and writing were widely spread due to?
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Why English is widely used?

English is widely used as a global language because of historical reasons, such as British colonial expansion and the spread of American cultural influence. It is also the dominant language in business, science, and technology, making it essential for international communication and collaboration.

As Islam spread what language grew in West Africa?

Arabic language spread to some extent. However, French and English languages spread more widely.

What language spread from Europe to India?

The only language from Europe that is widely spoken in India is English.

What is the most widely spread language by number of countries using it as a native language?

I think it's Spanish.

Why is English widely spoken?

English is widely spoken due to the historical influence of the British Empire, making it a common language for trade and diplomacy. It is also the dominant language in fields such as science, technology, and entertainment, further solidifying its global usage. The emergence of the United States as a global economic and cultural powerhouse has also contributed to the spread of English.

Why is English an international language?

It was the language of the extensive British Empire. Then it became the language of the shipping lines, and later the airlines.

Which disrtric in kerala speak Malayalam printing language?

Malayalam is widely spoken in all districts of Kerala. It is the official language of the state and is the predominant language used for communication and writing in Kerala.

Which language is more widely used?

Though Mandarin Chinese is spoken by a greater number of people, English is spoken over a wider area of the world. English is also the lingua franca of both the European Union and the Internet.However, contrary to popular belief, Spanish is the language with the second amount of people speaking it after Mandarin Chinese; English is third.ok so the language most commonly used is englishjessie62599

Why the english language is most popular?

English is widely spoken due to historical factors such as British colonialism and the spread of American culture, including Hollywood and technology. It is also the language of international business and diplomacy, making it essential for global communication. Additionally, English is relatively easy to learn compared to other languages, which further contributes to its popularity.

what language is widely spoken by Americans?

English remains the language that is most widely spoken by Americans; the next most widely spoken language in America is Spanish.

What is the worlds leading language?

English is commonly considered the world's leading language, with the largest number of native speakers and being widely used in international communication, business, and technology.

Was there chain mail in 10000 bc?

no. maille is thought to have been developed in eastern Europe around 3-400BC, and the technology was spread widely by its use by the Roman Legions, when they encountered it.