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melting pot

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Q: Term of us social mix of cultures and races?
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What is the term for US social mix of cultures and races?


Term for US social mix of cultures and races?

Melting pot <3

What is the terms of US social mix of cultures and races?

Melting pot.

Does polyandry and polygyny involve marriage of mix cultures and races?

in polygramy How about if 2 husbands wish to have the wife same time/night

Different mixture of races and cultures of Filipino?

The Filipino population is a blend of various races and cultures due to centuries of colonization and trade. This includes influences from indigenous groups, Spanish colonization, Chinese traders, and American occupation. As a result, Filipinos have a diverse mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, and American heritage, creating a unique cultural identity.

What is the Ethnic mix in Germany?

the mix of different races

What is meant by the statement black and white did not mix socially?

The two races, black and white, did not mix socially means that they did not interact at social ocasions and they, in general, stayed seperated, used different facilities and so on.

Where did the races never mix?

race track

Why did Hitler think that Jews and non-Jews should not mix?

Hitler was xenophobic and did not wish for what he believed to be the "pure" Germanic races to mix with what he perceived to be "lower races".

What is cultural blending?

Where two or more cultures mix together their way of living.Cultural blending is when two or more cultures living in close proximity with each other start to mix their cultures together.

Why are there spanish words in Japanese anime?

To mix cultures. It is to bring ideas and insperation from other cultures.

When and why did the cultures of Egypt and Nubia begin to mix?