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i disagree giving them land and vote would mad no different on life of the south on that time.

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Q: Thaddeus Stevens believed that giving land to former slaves was more important than giving them the vote do you agree or disagree?
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Did Thaddeus Stevens support slavery or not?

No. He did not. Thaddeus Stevens was a strong abolitionist

When was Thaddeus Stevens born?

Thaddeus Stevens was born on April 4, 1792

Where did Thaddeus Stevens go to college?

Thaddeus Stevens went to Dartmouth College

When is Thaddeus Stevens's birthday?

Thaddeus Stevens was born on April 4, 1792

Did Thaddeus Stevens die?

Yes, Thaddeus Stevens died on August 11, 1868

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Thaddeus Stevens

Which political figure was a leader of the radical republicans congress?

it is Micheal Steele

Did Thaddeus Stevens have any siblings?

Yes, Thaddeus Stevens had siblings. He had three brothers. He did not have any children of his own, although his partner had a son.

Who was a radical republican after the war?

Thaddeus stevens

What describes Thaddeus Stevens?

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Where is the Thaddeus Stevens Soceity in Gettysburg Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Thaddeus Stevens Soceity is: Po Box 3484, Gettysburg, PA 17325-0484

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