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No it gave women the right to vote when they reached 21. The age of 18 to vote didn't happen until 1971 with the 27 amendment.

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Q: The 19th Amendment provided universal suffrage to voters at age 18.?
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Did the 19th Admendment provide universal suffrage to voters at age 18?

No, the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, but it was the 26th amendment that changed the voting age to 18.

What amendment ended women's suffrage in the US?

No amendment ended women's suffrage. "Suffrage" seems to have been misunderstood to mean suffering. It is not related to suffering, and comes from a Latin word meaning to vote. "Women's suffrage" means "women's voting." There is a link below to a related question on which amendment provided for Women's suffrage.

Which or the following was not an original feature of the us Constitution -Bicameral legislature -Separation of powers -Female suffrage -Allowing slavery?

Among the choices given, universal male suffrage is not an original feature of the US Constitution as voters were entitled to ownership of some property.

When did women win the right to?

Well in my social studies text book it tells me this:By early 1918, the tide had finally turned in favor of suffrage. President Wilson agreed to support the suffrage amendment. In 1919, Congress passed the Nineteenth Amendment. It guaranteed women the right to vote. By August 1920, three fourths of the states had ratified the amendment, which doubled the number of eligible voters.

Which term refers to eligible voters?


When did new zealand become a democracy?

It depends on your standard. New Zealand elected it's own Parliament first in 1853. Universal male suffrage was 1879, universal over-21 suffrage was 1893. Votes were weighted in favour of rural areas (i.e. rural voters votes counted for more then urban voters) until 1945. 18-year olds could vote in 1975. Maori can choose to vote on a separate Maori-only roll, and these votes weren't counted equally with general votes until 1996.

What amendment let's voters directly elected US senator?

17th amendment

Missouri voters have the right to make new law or add an amendment to the Constitution by?

Missouri voters have the right to make a new law or add an amendment to the constitution by (who are what)

Universal suffrage without universal education would be a curse. What does this H.L. Wayland quote mean?

This quote by H.L. Wayland suggests that giving everyone the right to vote without ensuring they have access to education could have negative consequences. It implies that an educated electorate is necessary for a functioning democracy, as uninformed voters may make poor decisions that negatively impact society.

Why didd the wctu support the cause of womens suffrage?

They wanted more voters who supported prohibition.

What has the author Virginia Clark Abbott written?

Virginia Clark Abbott has written: 'The history of woman suffrage and the League of Women Voters in Cuyahoga County, 1911-1945' -- subject(s): Ohio League of Women Voters of Cuyahoga County, Suffrage, Women

What does the 17th amendment have to do with the election?

direct vote for senators by the voters