The 3 branches members

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Legislative- Senate and the House of Rerprentatives

Executive- President, Vice President, His Cabinet Members

Judicial- Supreme Court and other Federal Courts

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Q: The 3 branches members
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Where is the branch in panfu?

you have to be a member to get all 3 but non-members can get 2 branches

Which branch or branches can remove members of government and which members can be removed?


Who sets pay for civil service members?

The governing body responsible for the civil service, and therefore the respective members. Usually it is divided into the 3 branches of government. Also depends on jurisdictions in which the "civil service members" are attached to.

How are members of three branches elected?

by the citizens vote

How many total members are there in the two branches of Congress?


3 branches of government are located in?

were are the 3 branches of government located

What are the 3 branches of the federal gov?

Legislative (Congress) Judicial (Courts) Executive (President, Vice President, Cabinet Members)

What are the differences between the three branches?

By "3 branches" I am assuming that you mean the three branches of the US government. The branches are the legislative, judicial, and executive branch. The legislative branch makes the laws, the judicial branch makes sure that the laws are constitutional and is also the Supreme Court, and the exectutive branch is the President, the Vice President, and the cabinet members.

Number of branches in the federal government?

3 branches (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial)

What are the 3 branches or government?

the 3 branches or government are judical executive legeslative

Which state agency has members of both the executive and the legislative branches?

The attorney general's office, the director of the FBI, and the supreme court are some members belonging to both branches. This is because the Congress plays a role in naming and confirming these individuals. The two branches have a saying in deciding who to nominate.

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