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protecting and preserving the diversity of interests among the people.

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Q: The Antifederalists thought that state-centered government would do a better job than the national government in terms of?
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Why did the antifederalists dislike the proposed constitution?

the national government would be to strong

Which of the following is an accurate summary of the Antifederalists' beliefs?

they thought that state government should be more powerful than national gov.

What did antifederalists thought states would be?


What were the opposing views regarding ratification of the Constitution?

The group of people who didn't support the Constitution were called Antifederalists. Their main problem with the Constitution was that it didn't have a section that listed their individual rights (Bill of Rights). They also argued that the national government was too strong and were afraid of tyranny. Some even thought that they shouldn't have created a new government. Most Antifederalists were small farmers and debtors. Antifederalists wrote articles and pamphlets and spoke out in state conventions. The articles and pamphlets became known as the Antifederalist Papers.

Who thought that the national government should have more power?

the Federalists

What are three major classification of government?

Judicial, Legislative, and Presidental. Edit: I thought they were National, Federal, and Municipal.

What do anti-federalists believe?

Anti-federalists believe that State government should be more important and more powerful than the Federal government. They also believe that the Bill of Rights is good and that it should be kept.

After enlightenment ideas spread how did the purpose of government change?

The transmission of Enlightenment ideas to Greek thought influenced the development of a national consciousness.

What position did the federalists take on the constitution?

Federalists wanted the constitution. They supported Federalism (if you couldn't already tell from their label). Antifederalists opposed the Federalist views. They believed that the constitution took to much power from the states and thought it did not guarantee people's rights.

Who wanted to replace the articles of confederations?

James Madison wanted to replace the Articles of Confederation because he thought they would have a stronger national government. But Patrick Henry wanted to keep the Articles. :))

Federalist believed in what?

a STRONG national government! antifeds didnt want one becuz they thought it would start falling apart quickly.

Federalists believed in?

a STRONG national government! antifeds didnt want one becuz they thought it would start falling apart quickly.