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Q: The British cabinet has only once held a full Cabinet meeting outside London In which Scottish city did this take place?
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What is the president's cabinet and what does it do?

The heads of 15 executive departments make up the Cabinet. The cabinet helps the president make decisions , gives advice and provides information to the President . The cabinet secretaries also manage their departments and help or hurt the president by the kind of job they do with their departments. The departments of state, justice, treasury and defense are particularly important to the administration. The others are often appointed as much for political reasons as for their expertise in the area of their department. At the president's discretion, the vice-president may be asked to attend cabinet meeting and carry out assignments for the president.

Why does the president rarely meet all cabinet members at the same time?

If they met all cabinet members simultaneously, the session would quickly descend into a 'shouting match' between the parties. Meeting individual representatives - allows each party to put forward their viewpoint without interruption.

Who advises the president?

The President's Cabinet refers to the secretaries who manage the 15 major executive departments of the US government. Up until say 80 years ago, the group had regular cabinet meeting with the President , the problems of the day were discussed and suggestion were made on how to solve them. Modern president rely more on their large White House staff for advice on what the President should do.

What was formed after the Philadelphia meeting in 1774 and urged colonists not to trade with the British?

continental association

Which of these was formed after the Philadelphia meeting in 1774 and urged colonists not to trade with the British?

continental association

Related questions

Is cabinet room capitalized?

Yes, "Cabinet Room" should be capitalized when referring to a specific room where a cabinet meeting takes place.

Is the cabinet made up of 15 members?

The are indeed 15 cabinet positions. I do not think of the Vice-President as being a cabinet member although the president may invite him to cabinet meeting.

Does the cabinet meet as a group?

yes- there is a cabinet meeting room in the White House. of course, cabinet member can also meet with the president on other occasions.

Where do the cabinet members meet?

Cabinet meetings take place in the White House, or at least did.

Where do the cabinets meet?

There is a Cabinet meeting room in the White House. President Obama very rarely meets with the entire cabinet.

Who hosts a cabinet meeting to discuss foreign policy?

The president is the one who hosts a cabinet meeting to discuss foreign policy. This is one of the powers that have been expressed to the president by the constitution.

During a Cabinet meeting with President Obama where do the Cabinet Members sit?

They all sit around a very large rectangular table.

To what degree are presidents required to use their cabinet members?

There are no restrictions on how much the President relies on his cabinet for advice or how many cabinet meeting he has to hold. He can fire them if they complain too loudly. The president does not even have to give his cabinet secretaries free rein on how they run their departments.

Who presides over a cabinet meeting?

The president calls and presides over any cabinet meetings. My understanding is that President Obama has called only one or maybe two cabinet meeting since his term began in 2008. The president is , of course , the boss over the cabinet if that is what you are asking.

How do you use the word cabinet minister in a sentence?

The new cabinet minister gave a speech about the new agricultural policies. All except one cabinet minister attended the 9a.m. meeting. I would like to introduce you to the new cabinet minister, but I've forgotten his name.

Who presides over meeting of central cabinet in India?

finance minister

When the President calls Cabinet meetings today the purpose of the meeting is to .?

I think Obama had one cabinet meeting during is first term. They took a group picture, so that may have been its purpose. I suppose making introductions was another reason and Obama may have said something abut the goals of his administration and what he expected from his cabinet.