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Boston, MA

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Q: The British troops that marched to Lexington and Concord to seize colonial weapons were stationed in?
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Where british troops battle colonial minutemen after the battle at lexington?


What year was the british and colonial milita fight at lexington an concord?


First battle between British troops and colonial militia?

lexington and concord

Were did the british go after Lexington?

After Lexington, the British went to Concord, Massachusetts.

Why did Thomas Gage send soldiers to Lexington?

to arrest colonial leaders in hiding there.#Mickey012

Fighting began in lexington and concord when british troops?

NovaNet: thought colonial soldiers had fired on them

Fighting began in lexington and concord when british troops did what?

Thought colonial soldiers had fired on them

Who was responsible for the defense of Lexington and concord?

the battle at Lexington & Concord was between the british soldiers (redcoats) and the patriots(american colonists.)

What was called the shot heard around the world?

When the colonial minutemen fired on the British troops at Lexington and Concord Massachusetts.

Did british win Lexington and Concord?

Only Lexington!!

What were the colonists trying to hide from the british at concord and lexington?

according to research, the british herd there were weapons hidden at concord and Lexington.

What were the colonial strategies in the battle of lexington and concord?