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Q: The British were surrounded and the entire British force of over six thousand men surrendered in the Battle of?
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What role did this battle play in the outcome of the revolutionary war?

In the Battle of Yorktown, the colonists and the French surrounded the British until they surrendered, this battle won the Revolution.

The British surrendered after losing what battle?

The Battle of Yorktown

Did the British surrender in the battle of Saratoga?

No they surrendered at the battle of yorktown

At what battle did the British surrender to the Americans?

They surrendered in the Battle of Concord.

Who won the battle in charles town?

the battle was won by the British. the British surrendered the whole city they where in and they had to leave.

How did the British respond to the news of the Battle of Yorktown?

This was the last battle of the American Revolution as this is where the British surrendered.

British general that surrendered?

General Cornwallis at the Battle of Yorktown.

The british were defeated when Charles Cornwallis surrendered at the?

battle of yorktown

Was the battle of Saratoga a British or Colonial victory?

Colonial, British general John Burgoyne surrendered

What was the outcome of the yorkton battle?

At the end of this revolutionary war battle, the British surrendered and America became an independent nation. general Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington.

Who won the battle of German Town?

the british won the battle of German town goreg Washington surrendered

How was Corn Wallis involved in the battle of Yorktown?

It was the last battle of the American Revolution and Cornwallis surrendered there. He was surrounded on all three sides by American forces.