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..... stop floods, just like the levees on the Mississippi.

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Q: The Chinese built dikes along the bank of the Huang to?
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What are the name of the earthen walls built along a river to protect from floods?

Levees, dikes.

How did the ancient Chinese prevent flooding?

The Chinese have built dams to prevent flooding.

What country is known for dikes?

The Netherlands (The Dutch built the dikes):-)

What are the types of dikes?

The two main types of dikes are igneous dikes, which form when magma is forced into fractures in rocks and then solidifies, and coastal dikes, which are man-made structures built along coastlines to protect against flooding and erosion.

Who built dikes?

Dikes are built by engineers and construction workers to prevent flooding by controlling the flow of water in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. The construction of dikes requires careful planning, engineering expertise, and maintenance to ensure they remain stable and effective in protecting against flooding.

Why did the sumerians built dikes?

because they need to built it to live in it

How do Chinese people harvest rice?

* The Chinese built dikes to control the annual flooding. * Due to the lack of mannure farmers often used human waste for fertiliser.

Building of dikes can reduce soil erosion?

Because dikes are built at the edge of the ricefields to stop the water from carrying the soft soil away

What keeps the lowlands in the netherland from flooding?

Dikes, mills and many villages are built on terps.

What does the last name Friesen mean?

Friesen- People who built dikes and dams in Friesland =) Hope this helps :)

How did the ancient Chinese prevent flooding and how did they prevent droughts?

they bult dikes and dams to rederect the water and to clam te water.

What are dikes used for?

Dikes are used to control and redirect the flow of water, particularly in flood-prone areas or near bodies of water. They are typically earthen embankments or walls made of concrete or stone. Dikes help to prevent flooding by confining water to specific channels and protecting nearby communities and agricultural lands.