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Q: The Constitution gives the Supreme Court the power to determine the size of the House of Representatives.?
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Which part of the government according to the constitution according to the constitution should be made up of two representatives per state?

The Senate

What allows the supreme court to determine if a law is constitutional?

Judicial Review

What is on trial in a Supreme Court case?

In a case before the Supreme Court, the law itself is on trial and the justices determine whether the law is guilty of violating the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.

Did the Constitution make provisions for a US Supreme Court but allow Congress to determine the structure of the Court?

Yes. Article III of the Constitution mandated creation of a Supreme Court, but allowed Congress authority to determine details such as the number of justices, the duration and timing of the Court's annual Terms, salaries, its appellate jurisdiction, etc.

Who is the custodian of the Indian constitution?

Supreme court of India

Who has final say in explaining the Constitution?

The Supreme Court.

What do judicial reviews give the supreme court the power to do?

Determine whether a president's actions violate the constitution.

Judicial reviews give the supreme Court the power to do what?

Determine whether a president's actions violate the constitution.

What did the Supreme Court's decision in the case of marbury v. Madison for the Supreme Court?

It gave the Supreme Court powers not granted by the Constitution

What do the articles of the Constitution explicitly outline?

The process by which congressional representatives are allocated to states

What is the main idea of this excerpt from an article in the U.S. Constitution?

the constitution establishes the qualifications for congressional representatives

What court cases caused the Supreme Court to decide to amend the constitution?

The Supreme Court does not have the power to amend the Constitution. Only the process of constitutional amendment outlined in Article V of the Constitution can be used to amend the Constitution. The Court's role is to interpret the Constitution and its amendments, not to amend them.