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Q: The Constitution makes no mention of them yet these bodies play an essential role in the lawmaking process Their job is to sift through and decide the fate of bills What are they?
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What process is essential to ensure the flexibility of the Constitution based on the needs of the people?

the amendment process

How is joint resolution related to the lawmaking process?


What could be done to improve your lawmaking process?

The lawmaking process can be improved by removing some of the burdensome steps. If the process was did not rely breaking through bureaucratic red tape, it would be easier to pass and amend laws.

What role does the senator play in the lawmaking process?

by being a sieve

How have the three branches of the federal government defined the scoop of the constitution?

I think you mean the "scope" of the constitution. This sounds suspiciously like a homework question! Here's a hint: read the constitution where it establishes the three branches. It explains how each branch has control over the process of lawmaking.

What are two ways citizen are part of the lawmaking process?

Initiatives and referendums

What are the two ways citizens are part of the lawmaking process?

Initiatives and referendums

With what country did America want to share the lawmaking process?


How does the house speed up the lawmaking process?

The house can speed up the lawmaking process by taking the time to hear bills, and vote on them. Some bills simply die out because the house never votes on them.

What is the first step in the lawmaking process?

introducing the bill or it starts out as a thought from the people.

How many separate steps are there in the lawmaking process in the House?

I think like 3

The congressional lawmaking process is biased toward?

blocking legislation rather than passing it