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They are Treason, High Crimes/Misconduct, Bribery, and the 4th implied crime is breach of good behavior (ie: drinking, constant swearing, disregard for fellow citizens)

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Q: The Constitution refers to only three types of unlawful behavior and a fourth may be inferred from the text of a general prohibition?
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What are the four types of unlawful behavior that the constitution refers to?

I'm pretty sure that it's high crime, bribery, misdemeanor, and treason.

In an democracy the majority cannot punish behavior protected by the Constitution?

The US Constitution is a good example. The framers of the Constitution were highly suspicious of the concept of 'democracy', as they saw it as a way for 'mob rule' (perhaps a mob swayed by powerful oratory) to punish behaviour which was not unlawful. At its extreme, the legislature could also be swayed to pass laws which pleased the majority to the detriment of individuals. Their approach was to enshrine individual freedoms within the Constitution and allow only properly authorised courts to decide whether an action was lawful or not, within the terms of the Constitution and the laws passed under its cover. This was also part of the part of the checks and balances between the legislature, the executive and the judiciary in the US system. However, not all democracies have a Constitution and the laws protecting people are determined by the courts using precedents (past decisions) as their guide It is interesting that the word democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or the Articles of Association. Some people have called Democracy, ' the tyranny of half plus one'.

What act made the statements critical of the government unlawful?

The Sedition Act

Which term might loyalist have used to describe a patriot gathering or committee?


Which term might a loyalist used to describe a patriot gathering or committee?


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Who was prohibition?

'Prohibition' by an Amendment to the US Constitution, made it unlawful to make, sell, or purchase any alcoholic spirits or beverages like whisky, wine, and beer.

What are the 3 types of unlawful behavior in the constitution?

Treason, high crimes/misconduct, and bribery.

What are the four types of unlawful behavior that the constitution refers to?

I'm pretty sure that it's high crime, bribery, misdemeanor, and treason.

How doe the constitution protect you from unlawful imprisonment?

because you can not brak what on the constitution

What would be unlawful under the US Constitution?

Many things would be unlawful. One example is getting your fingernails ripped off for stealing money. Another example would be the government preventing you from pracicing any religion. Many things are unlawful under the U.S. Constitution.

In what ways does the US Constitution protect citizens against unlawful prosecution?

It doesn't.

What principal of the constitution states that congress can impeach a sitting President if he she behaves in an unlawful manner?

The principle of the constitution that states that Congress can impeach a sitting President for unlawful behavior is known as the principle of checks and balances. This principle ensures that no individual, including the President, is above the law and can be held accountable for their actions. Impeachment is a constitutional mechanism that allows Congress to investigate and remove a President from office if they have committed "high crimes and misdemeanors."

What is the difference between unethical and unlawful behavior?

Unethical behavior relates to actions that go against moral principles or standards, while unlawful behavior refers to actions that violate laws or regulations. Something can be considered unethical without being illegal, and vice versa.

What is unlawful conduct?

Unlawful conduct refers to behavior that is forbidden or prohibited by law. This can include actions that are illegal, criminal, or violating regulations or ordinances set forth by governing authorities. Engaging in unlawful conduct can result in legal consequences, such as fines, imprisonment, or other penalties.

What is apprehension patrol?

Apprehension patrol, is patrolling in a covert or low-visibilty patrol to engage violators in selected unlawful behavior.

Purpose of the Bill of Rights?

The purpose of the bill of rights was to ensure public confidence and prevent incorrect and unlawful behavior.

What are compliance-based ethics codes?

Codes that emphasize preventing unlawful behavior by increasing control and by penalizing wrongdoers. They are based on avoiding legal punishment.