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the cultural revolution to revolutionize the chinese culture

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2013-03-11 22:00:44
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Q: The Cultural Revolution was a plan to?
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When was the cultural revolution?

the cultural revolution was in 1966

Cultural Revolution is different from red scarf girl?

Red Scarf Girl happens during the CUltural Revolution and is about the Cultural Revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is cultural revolution-?

what is cultural revolution what is south asia

What year did China's cultural revolution start?

The Chinese Cultural revolution started in 1966

What does television cultural revolution?

Television cultural revolution is when the chinese revolution brought up decayed sentiments from australlia and burned them to ashes.

When did the cultural revolution end?

The Cultural Revolution ended when China's beloved leader, Mao Zedong, died. It was in 1976.

What was the meaning of the cultural Chinese revolution?

The Cultural revolution was basically a fight between two men trying to fight in what they believe

Who inspired the cultural revolution?


What is the death toll of the Chinese Cultural Revolution?

It is estimated that somewhere between 2-7 million people died during the Cultural Revolution No, much more. About 30 million people died as a cause of the Cultural Revolution.

What leader's reforms enabled the Mexican Cultural Revolution?

General Alvaro Obregon was responsible for the reforms that enabled the Mexican Cultural Revolution.

Why was the cultural revolution launched?

ok i am in 7th grade but we talked about this in class soo the cultural revolution was launch because to eliminate his political opponents and to allow cultural to come after the closing door

This scenario is most similar to which of the following events?

the cultural revolution

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