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The Declaration of Independence could be described in may ways. There is no "best" one.

It was a statement of American existence

It was a statement of American identity

It was, and still is a statement of American hope for the country and for the people.

And, of course, it can be described as a statement of American independence - the very reason for the existence of the document.

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Q: The Declaration of Independence could best be described as a defining statement of American?
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The Declaration of Independence started what war?

the American declaration of independence was a factor in starting the American Revolution.

How many countries signed the Declaration of Independence?

No countries signed the American Declaration of Independence, only American colonists.

What was the declaration of the rights of man modeled after?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man was modeled after the Declaration of Independence.

Did the Declaration of Independence England recognized American independence?


What document announced our American independence?

declaration of Independence?

What American document what is the model for the french declaration?

the declaration of independence.

Why was the Texas Declaration of Independence similar to the American Declaration of Independence?

both stated the same things

Which document listed the colonist grievances or reasons for the American revolution?

Declaration of Independence

What is a sentence with the word declaration?

The declaration of war made international headlines.In American history, the Declaration of Independence is an important document.She was shocked by the declaration of his love for her.

What document declared American independence from Britain?

Declaration of Independence

What did the Declaration of Independence do Apex?

declared american independence from england

Was the Declaration an objective unbiased statement of the American-British conflict?

Not at all. The Declaration of Independence was a very partisan statement, demanding that Britain recognize that America was to be a free and independent nation, and listing the reasons for the separation.