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Q: The Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution which ultimately failed to be ratified was intended to provide equal rights for?
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In what year was the last amendment ratified?

The last amendment, which is the 27th Amendment to the United States Constitution, was ratified in 1992.

What amendment was ratified during taft's presidency?

The XVI Amendment to the Constitution was ratified in 1913 (Income Tax).

What was the 13th amendment ratified?

The 13th amendment to the US Constitution was ratified by a majority of states December 6, 1865.

In what year was the 14th amendment to the constitution ratified?

It was ratified in July 28, 1868.

What must be ratified by the amendment for constitution?

Your question is very confused. Amendments are ratified, they do not ratify.

In which year was the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution ratified?

The 19th US constitutional amendment was added to the Constitution 1919 June 4, implicitly giving women the right to vote in US national elections.

Was the constitution of the United States a joke?

The US Constitution was a joke from January 29, 1919, when the 18th amendment was ratified, until December 5, 1933, when the 21st amendment was ratified.

What year was the first amendment ratified?

1791 The first amendment to the constitution was in 1791. It allowed the freedom of speech.

What was last year an amendment to US Constitution ratified?


Why did the eighth amendment get ratiflied?

The eighth amendment to U.S. Constitution was ratified December 15th, 1791.

What is the year of the 14th amendment in the constitution?

The 14th amendment to the USA was ratified in July 28, 1868

Where did the equal rights amendment fail?

The amendment had to be ratified by 38 states. It was ratified by 35. Three more states need to ratify before it can become the 28th amendment to the Constitution.