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Q: The Equal rights amendment banned discrimination based on which of these?
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The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) banned discrimination based on which of these?


What did the equal rights amendment ban discrimination based on?

The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) sought to ban discrimination based on sex or gender. Its goal was to ensure that women are afforded the same legal rights and protections as men.

The Equal Rights Amendment was a failed early-1980s attempt to prevent discrimination against?


What was the failed constitutional amendment that was intended to give equality to woman?

The Equal Rights Amendment

What did the civil rights do?

the civil righs was when the black was treated unfairly so they fought and made it fair and equal

Which was not accomplished by the feminist movement in the 1920?

The ratification of a constitutional amendment banning discrimination on the basis of sex The passage of the equal rights amendment by Congress

Amendment that granted civil rights to blacks?

There were a few amendments that extended civil rights in the United States. Amendments 1-10 established most civil rights, the 13th ended slavery, the 14th amendment required equal protection and rights under law, the 15th amendment banned denying equal rights based on race, and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote.

What is the er a continuation of?

The ERA, or Equal Rights Amendment, is a proposed amendment to the US Constitution aimed at guaranteeing equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. It seeks to address issues of gender discrimination and ensure equal protection under the law.

What are civil rights amendment?

There are three. 13th Amendment - banned slavery/involuntary servitude 14th Amendment - all citizens have equal protection under the law 15th Amendment - male African Americans are given the right to vote

What is Equal Rights Amendment?

It was a failed US amendment that would have guaranteed equal rights to both men and women.

What was the goal of equal rights amendment?

The goal of the Equal Rights Amendment was to make gender equality a constitutional right.

What was the intention of the equal rights amendment?

to give woman equal rights